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Sunshine in the Rotorua Redwoods

Rotorua Redwoods sunrise in Whakarewarewa Forest

Whakarewarewa Forest, known as the Rotorua Redwoods, is a plantion of California Redwoods on the outskirts of the town of Rotorua. Originally planted at the beginning of the 20th century to assess the viability of exotic species forestry, the redwood trees responded favourably to the conditions in Rotorua, growing faster than they do in California. Around 100 years later, the trees stand at an average height of 70 meters. The Redwoods has become a favourite recreation area in Rotorua, with numerous trails for walking, mountain biking and horseriding. 

I happened across a scene like this in early 2019, stopping to take a photo of the sun casting light through the trees. The star-burst affect of the sun is obtained by using a small aperture, around f/18 - f/22. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the photos, and had to return in early 2020 in an attempt to replicate what was one of my favourite photos. Thankfully I was able to find similar conditions. The hazy mist of the early morning forest, the shadows of the impressive redwoods and the texture of the near tree is what I love about this photo. 

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