Beautiful New Zealand Landscape Photography by Laurie Winter

Laurie Winter is a landscape photographer based in Wellington, New Zealand. She has a love of nature and a passion for capturing beautiful scenes from around the country. Laurie has a special interest in sunrise, sunset and long exposure photography. 

Prints, canvases and licences are available for purchase.

Images for Sale

My images are available as unframed fine art prints, ready-to-hang canvas prints and for single and multi-use photo licensing. Please take some time to browse my Galleries and I hope you find something you love. Many of my pictures have alternative versions available (e.g. portrait vs landscape or black and white vs colour) so if there’s something you like but it’s not quite right, please let me know and I will discuss what else I might have available with you. Pricing is found on my Buy Images page.


My galleries are divided by region, and I also have galleries of recent photos and favourites. My website is predominately nature based, though there are some city shots and man-made items (such as fences, houses and jetties) that occasionally make it into my collection. My favourite images to capture are sunrise and sunset, reflections, and long exposures of clouds, seascapes and waterfalls. I love visiting locations multiple times and am always excited about how different they can look on each visit. Some of my favourite locations to shoot will appear frequently in my galleries.

Featured Blog Post

I was lucky enough to be one of the very first customers trying out the new Britz Evolve Electric Vehicle, and what a pleasure that was!

It’s so great to see a campervan company considering the environment and I know Britz has big plans for an electric vehicle fleet. It’s definitely a good thing to lower emissions while embracing New Zealand’s clean electricity resources.

My friend Lynne and I had a fabulous time taking this new camper for a spin. Read my blog to find out more about what we got up to!

Social Media

New content generally gets posted to my blog first, and I update my website with new photos several times per year. If you’re interested in following my adventures you can read my blog here for regular updates and new photos. 

You can follow me on Instagram, where I post most regularly and currently have 58,000 followers enjoying my photography. I also have a Facebook page that I share photos to.  

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help!

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