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The Catlins Landscape Photography

This gallery has photos from The Catlins area at the very bottom of  New Zealand. Please click on an image from the thumbnails on the left to see the full size and scroll through the gallery. Images are available for purchase as fine art prints, on canvas or as a digital licence.

The southernmost region of New Zealand is the Catlins, a wild and remote area that has a real feel of being quite remote from the rest of NZ. In fact many of the roads here have only recently been sealed! Surprisingly I have found myself with a large number of photos from this beautiful area, despite only a few visits.


Kaka Point and Nugget Point Lighthouse are the eastern gateway to the region, the lighthouse is positioned on an outcrop with a number of islands in front, known as the Nuggets. It's an amazing place to watch the sunrise, and if you can time it right, also to watch the Milky Way rise during autumn months.


Driving through the Catlins, you take in vistas of rolling green hills, wind-swept beaches and tidal estuaries. Highlights include Waipapa Point Lighthouse and a number of gorgeous waterfalls, such as MacLean Falls, Matai Falls and Purakaunui Falls (my favourite waterfall in the South Island). 

The Catlins is a great place for a sunrise or a sunset, and with plenty of locations that face south, also a perfect spot to catch the Aurora Australis should you be so lucky!

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