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The Rotorua region (which sits on the Taupo Volcanic Zone) is one of the world's most active geothermal fields, and Rotorua is home to numerous bubbling mud pools, geysers, colourful hot water springs and steaming crater lakes. The geothermal activity gives Rotorua a distinct smell of sulphur. Whilst most areas of thermal activity are dangerously hot, there are some streams and waterfalls where boiling water mixes with cold fresh water, allowing a safe and enjoyable temperature for bathing. 

The most well-known location is Kerosene Creek, where locals and tourist visit during the day and night. This location is a little less known and therefore less frequented. A small waterfall dropping into a natural pool, the water gives off constant steam, particularly on a cold morning. When the sun is low in the sky a short time after sunrise, the trees help create these shafts of light over the waterfall. When photographing this spot, a lot of patience was required, as most photographs just captured a wall of steam, completely enveloping the waterfall. Of the dozens of photos taken, only a couple captured the shafts of light in this way as the steam rose and swirled from the pool.  

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