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Sunrise at New Brighton Pier, Christchurch

Sunrise at the New Brighton Pier in Christchurch.

The New Brighton Pier is in Christchurch. The pier was built in 1997 (and repaired after the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake) to replace a pier that had stood in the location since the late 1800s through to 1965. The old pier made New Brighton a popular destination back in the day, and it was home to a carnival-style penny arcade. The new pier is made of concrete and at 300m is the longest pier in Australasia. It's a great spot for photography, looking east toward the rising sun. 

This photo was taken on my first visit to the pier. Friends and I made a last minute call to stay here overnight to see what sunrise would bring, returning late at night from Arthurs Pass. As we drove to the beach well before sunrise, we could see a faint burn on the horizon. Spotting that early colour in the dark is always cause for anticipation and excitement, and we certainly weren't disappointed on this particular morning! It was a busy morning at the pier, we were joined by at least 20 other photographers. The colour lasted for ages, allowing us to capture photos on both sides of the pier. That our decision paid off is an understatement - such an amazing sunrise!

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