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Mt Taranaki Milky Way Rising

Mt Taranaki milky way and Stony River

Mt Taranaki is the gem of the Taranaki region, although seeing the mountain can prove challenging as it is often shrouded in cloud. An imposing, cone-shaped active volcano , Mt Taranaki dominates the geography of the surrounding area, with townships dotted around all sides of the mountain. In winter, with a snow cap, the mountain draws comparisons with Mt Fuji in Japan, due to its symmetrical shape. 

This photo was taken on my first photography trip after New Zealand emerged from its first Covid-19 lockdown in 2020. After missing out on photography all through my favourite season of autumn, I was bursting to get amongst nature for a few days. A friend (Larryn from Shadow and Shade) met me in Taranaki and took me to this amazing spot to photograph the milky way rising. There was some amazing red airglow that evening, and the scene made me imagine Mt Taranaki erupting with stars. 

This photo was the winner of the 2020 Australia/New Zealand Sony Alpha Awards in the astrophotography category.

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