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Lake Alexandrina is a small, elongated lake that runs parallel to Lake Tekapo, on its western side. It's around 10km out of Tekapo Township, past the Mt John Observatory. Lake Alexandrina has two roads that lead to a collection of rustic fishermen's huts and holiday baches. The lake is spring fed and empties out into the even smaller Lake MacGregor, before flowing on to Lake Tekapo. The area is very peaceful, as the lake is not open to motorboats. The surrounding high country mountains look spectacular in winter, and in late spring and early summer lupin flowers line the shore in some places. 

This photo was taken on a late winter afternoon. The wind was perfectly still, creating the reflections that I love so much. Not long after some nosy ducks dis attempt to ruin the stillness of the water. I love the colours of this photo, to me it speaks of the classic nature of the Mackenzie high country, with its shades of blues and browns. 

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