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Twizel & Tekapo Landscape Photography

This gallery has photos from the the Twizel and Tekapo area of New Zealand. Please click on an image from the thumbnails on the left

to see the full size and scroll through the gallery. Images are available for purchase as fine art prints, on canvas or as a digital licence.

Tekapo and Twizel collectively fall into the Mackenzie area of New Zealand. Lake Tekapo is stunning aquamarine lake, along with Lake Pukaki nearby. The colours of these lakes can appear dramatically different depending on the weather and the light.


Tekapo is famous for having some of the best star-gazing in New Zealand and is now an International Dark Sky reserve, meaning these sky views will be protected. It's also home to the Church of the Good Shepherd church and the lupin flowers that are prolific in late spring and early summer. Lake Alexandrina is nearby.


The area around Twizel has become one of my favourite areas in New Zealand, and a place I return to time and time again. A photographer's paradise with stunning aqua blue lakes and towering snow capped Ben Ohau mountains for a backdrop. The mountains surrounding the Mackenzie Basin shelter the area from the prevailing nor'wester, meaning lake reflections can be possible even when other areas nearby are windy. The Mackenzie Basin, and Twizel in particular, has some of the best autumn colours in the South Island. I would visit family in Twizel as a young girl, and now return often for the scenery. Also nearby are Lake Ohau, Lake Benmore and Omarama.



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