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Hollyford River Blues, Fiordland

Hollyford River near Milford Sound in Fiordland

The Hollyford River begins its journey to the Tasman Ocean near the Homer Saddle on the Milford Road. As you drive alongside the river, it is incredible to see how it grows from a tiny stream to an impressive and voluminous river over a short distance. This is thanks to the steep catchment area around the river, and the vast amount of water whenever it rains. 

This photo was taken at a rest stop along the Milford Highway, shortly before the Homer Tunnel. It is actually the stopping point to view the Falls Creek Waterfall. After taking a few snaps of the difficult-to-photograph falls, I noticed the way filtered light was falling through the trees over the Hollyford River, and I focused my attention (and camera!) in this direction. The way the blue water was tumbling over the wet rocks, along with the light, was really quite beautiful. Although not a shot of an iconic location in New Zealand, this photo has become one of my most favourites.

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