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Milford Sound & Fiordland Landscape Photography

This gallery has photos from the Milford Sound & Fiordland area of New Zealand. Please click on an image from the thumbnails on the left to see the full size and scroll through the gallery. Images are available for purchase as fine art prints, on canvas or as a digital licence.

Fiordland is paradise for photographers, Milford Sound of course being the most famous and instantly recognisable world over, touted as the eight wonder of the modern world. Watching the sunrise or sunset over the ocean to Mitre Peak is definitely something every kiwi should do.


A cruise through Milford Sound, actually a fiord (and in fact the only fiord in NZ accessible by road!) is the best way to appreciate the scale of this stunning landscape, and the scenic flight I did from Queenstown to Milford is the best flight I have ever experienced. 


The lush greenery of the area always takes my breath away, and the drive from Te Anau to Milford Sound is a spectacle in its own right. Along the way you can visit picturesque spots such as Lake Gunn, The Chasm and Marian Falls. For those with a bit more time, the hike to Lake Marian is well worth the effort, especially in spring where you can watch avalanches in the hanging valley around the lake. 

Recently I took a scenic flight from Queenstown to Milford Sound and immediately claimed it as the best flight I had ever done. The views over Fiordland valleys and mountains and the Great Walks such as the Routeburn and the Milford Track are spectacular from start to finish. 

Fiordland also has many beautiful lakes and lots of dark skies for those who enjoy some astrophotography. 

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