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Cathedral Cove Sunset, Coromandel

Cathedral Cove sunset and sunrise in the Coromandel

Cathedral Cove is a beach situated along a beautiful stretch of limestone cliffs and formations in The Coromandel, nearby to the township of Hahei. The scenery is spectacular and the walk to the beach is as beautiful as the destination. The area is part of Te Whanganui o Hei Marine Reserve, a protected marine area where no recreational or commercial fishing permitted, allowing the area to return to its natural state. The beach area is famous for its golden sands and safe swimming, as well as the iconic sea cave that visitors walk through to access the beach. 

I have made the walk into Cathedral Cove numerous times, both at sunrise and sunset. The conditions are always different and beautiful in their own way, but the pastel colours and sand reflections made this evening memorable. The walk back to Hahei takes around fifty minutes and is a little scarier in the dark!

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