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Wellington Landscape Photography

This gallery has photos from the Wellington & Kapiti Region. Please click on an image from the thumbnails on the left to see the full size and scroll through the gallery. Images are available for purchase as fine art prints, on canvas or as a digital licence.

Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand, and my home. It's known as Windy Wellington and is famous for its strong and almost never-ending wind. A calm day in the city is a rarity and to be celebrated when it happens. A beautiful, liveable city built around a gorgeous harbour it really is true that you can't beat Wellington on a good day! A favourite for photographers is the Mt Vic Lookout, with views over the City, Oriental Bay, the airport and as far north as the Tararua Ranges.


Wellington also has a rocky and wild coastline outside the harbour. From the South Coast you can get a view to the Kaikoura Ranges on a clear day. The skies are also dark enough on the coast for some Milky Way astrophotography shots, and even aurora if you are very lucky.


It is a arty city, with many interesting art installations. Wellington is also famous for its café and restaurant culture, the home of the Beehive and Te Papa museum. Photos include sunrise and sunset in the city, views from the Mt Vic Summit and photos taken closer to my home, at Titahi Bay beach. Also included in pictures are scenes from the Catchpool Valley in the Orongorongos/Remutaka Forest Park, of the Petone Foreshore and a lonely derelict house in Marton.

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