Trying out the Britz EV

I was lucky enough to be one of the very first customers trying out the new Britz Evolve Electric Vehicle, and what a pleasure that was! It’s so great to see a campervan company considering the environment and I know Britz has big plans for an electric vehicle fleet. It’s definitely a good thing to lower emissions while embracing New Zealand’s clean electricity resources.

Day 1 - Queenstown to Wanaka – 116km (no need to charge on the way) We arrived in Queenstown, did some grocery shopping and then got on our way to Wanaka. We arrived just as a strong southerly hit with high winds and some rain. Not ideal in the middle of summer! The winds actually brought down lots of branches in Wanaka, and we watched some of the famous poplar trees being felled the next morning. We stayed at: Wanaka Kiwi Holiday Park We charged: overnight at the holiday park

Day 2 – Local activities in Wanaka The next morning dawned absolutely beautiful and still. After spending some time on the lake front in the morning, we decided to head out to Mou Waho Island. This is an island in the middle of Lake Wanaka that also has its own lake on it that you climb above to get a glorious view. After spending some time on the island, we joined a 4 x 4 trip on the private Mt Burke Station. This trip took us way up into the high country above Wanaka, where there were sweeping views over the lake, and a gourmet picnic with all local produce, cheeses and wines. Both tours run over summer and are delivered by the wonderful people at Wanaka Water Taxis - highly recommend their trips! We stayed at: Wanaka Kiwi Holiday Park We charged: overnight at the campground

A sunny day at lakefront Lake Wanaka New Zealand
Morning views of Lake Wanaka
View girl sitting lake Mou Waho Island Wanaka Water Taxi
Mou Waho Island Views
Lake Wanaka Water Taxi Farm Tour 4WD
Amazing Lake Wanaka
Lake Wanaka view Wanaka Water taxi
View over Lake Wanaka

Day 3 – Wanaka to Lake Tekapo – 201km (charging stop in Omarama)

After a stunning sunrise at “That Wanaka Tree” we hired kayaks and went to explore Ruby Island, which takes about 45 minutes by kayak to get to. Afterwards we had a delicious lunch at Relishes Café – my favourite in Wanaka. Then it was time to get on the road for the big drive to Lake Tekapo. Getting up and over the Lindis Pass takes almost the full charge of the campervan, and we were nervous we would run out of power! However, it was a good lesson to trust that Britz had the distances sorted and everything was fine. We charged in Omarama and then visited the shores of Lake Pukaki for sunset. Then it was on to Lake Tekapo. We stayed at: Lake Tekapo Holiday Park and Motels We charged at: Challenge Omarama roadside charger and overnight at the campground

That Wanaka Tree Sunrise Lake Wanaka New Zealand
Sunrise at Lake Wanaka
Kayaking to Ruby Island in Lake Wanaka
Ruby Island in Lake Wanaka
Lake Pukaki Mt Cook Cloudy skies
Cloudy day at Lake Pukaki

Day 4 – Lake Tekapo to Queenstown – 206km (charging stops in Omarama and Cromwell) 

Whilst we originally planned on spending two days further north, we changed our plans on the back of a really bad weather forecast. After checking out the drive to Lake Alexandrina and the last of the lupins at Tekapo, we headed back to Queenstown. The length of the journey required us to stop twice to charge. A full charge at Omarama, where we whiled away the time at the blissful Omarama Hot Pools. Then it was over the Lindis Pass again, followed by a second charging stop at Cromwell (where we didn’t do a full charge knowing we only had to get to Queenstown 60km away).

We stayed at: Creeksyde Holiday Park