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International Landscape Photography

This gallery has photos from international locations. Please click on an image from the thumbnails on the left to see the full size and scroll through the gallery. Images are available for purchase as fine art prints, on canvas or as a digital licence.

Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall Iceland Sunset Laurie Winter

A few of my favourite photos from recent travels to Australia and Iceland. 

It's been a few years since I have been able to do much international travelling. Having young children has kept me mostly in New Zealand for a while. I look back at my very average photos from time travelling through Europe and USA with a twinge of regret. Thinking about the amazing sunsets I saw, the mountain scenes in the Swiss Alps, the iconic buildings in ancient cities.... certainly I would love to revisit many places, lugging ridiculous amounts of photography gear. 

I spent some time on the Great Ocean Road in 2019, followed by a ten-day photography trip to Iceland the same year. As a family, we were supposed to travel to Japan in 2020, but the universe had different plans. Unfortunately Covid-19 might keep me in New Zealand a bit longer, just when I felt myself getting the international travel bug again.

So, there is not a lot in this gallery, but I hope you enjoy what you see. :)

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